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Wisdom Tooth Removal Singapore - Impacted Tooth Extraction

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically erupt between ages 18-25. Most adults have four wisdom teeth, one in each corner of the mouth, although some may have fewer or none at all. A screening x-ray in the late teens is valuable.

While there are cases where wisdom teeth emerge without any issues and align with neighbouring teeth, more often they become impacted. This means they lack sufficient space to fully emerge or grow in the proper alignment. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to various dental problems and may require extraction to prevent complications.

Wisdom tooth removal singapore

Consequence of Unremoved Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth become impacted, it can lead to complications as they are unable to fully emerge through the gums. If you suspect you have impacted wisdom teeth, please reach out to us. Our team will carefully evaluate your situation, determine the best course of action, and recommend wisdom tooth removal if necessary. This proactive approach aims to prevent potential complications and ensure optimal oral health. Some common issues associated with impacted wisdom teeth include:

Tooth Infection

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pockets to form around the gum tissue, making proper cleaning challenging. This can result in the development of gum infections such as pericoronitis, which is characterized by inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissues.

Tooth Decay

Wisdom teeth that are partially erupted or impacted pose a greater challenge for effective cleaning, thereby increasing the risk of tooth decay (cavities).

Cysts or Tumours

In certain situations, impacted wisdom teeth may result in the development of cysts or benign tumours. If left untreated, these growths can potentially cause harm to the nearby teeth, bone, and nerves.

Jaw Joint Pain and Stiffness

When wisdom teeth become impacted, they can cause jaw pain, discomfort, and stiffness. This is especially true when they become inflamed or exert pressure on the surrounding structures.

Signs and Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The signs and symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth can vary from person to person. It’s important to note that not everyone with impacted wisdom teeth will experience all of these symptoms. If you suspect that you might have impacted wisdom teeth or are experiencing any of these signs, we recommend scheduling a consultation with us. Our team will carefully evaluate your condition, conduct a thorough examination, and provide you with personalized treatment options that best suit your needs. Some common indicators of impacted wisdom teeth include:

Jaw Joint Pain

Pain or discomfort in the posterior region of the mouth or jaw often indicates the presence of impacted wisdom teeth. This pain may occur intermittently or persistently, and can intensify during chewing or when opening the mouth wide.

Swollen or Tender Gums

The gums surrounding impacted wisdom teeth can exhibit signs of redness, swelling, or tenderness. This inflammation may spread to neighbouring areas, resulting in discomfort and unease.

Jaw Stiffness

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause jaw stiffness or restrict jaw movement, making it difficult to fully open the mouth or move the jaw comfortably.

Bad Breath

Impacted wisdom teeth can create pockets of space around partially erupted teeth. These areas can accumulate bacteria, resulting in bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth.


Headaches can be caused by impacted wisdom teeth, especially in the temples or at the back of the head. These headaches may occur repeatedly and worsen gradually over time.

Difficulty or Pain while Chewing

When wisdom teeth become impacted, they can hinder proper chewing, resulting in discomfort or pain during meals. This occurs because the impacted teeth exert pressure on the surrounding tissues.

Swelling around the Jaw or Face

In certain instances, when wisdom teeth become impacted, they can lead to swelling in the jaw, face, or cheeks. This swelling may be accompanied by tenderness or discomfort.

Local Irritation or Ulcers

The presence of impacted wisdom teeth can cause irritation or ulcers in the nearby soft tissues, especially if they come into contact with the cheeks or tongue.

Importance of Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Removal

One of the primary reasons for extracting wisdom teeth is to prevent dental issues. They can increase the risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and infections. By removing these problematic teeth, we can avoid potential complications associated with impacted wisdom teeth and preserve overall oral health.

Preparation for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery

Proper preparation is crucial for a smooth and successful wisdom tooth surgery. Here are some essential factors to consider when getting ready for the procedure:

Follow Procedure Instructions

Prior to the surgery, we advise a light meal with a liquid diet of milk and smoothies planned after the surgery. 

Administratively, the clinic would complete the financial counselling and request the necessary documentations from you to facilitate smooth payment if you are using medisave for your surgery.

Medications and Supplements

Please provide details of any medications, supplements, or herbal remedies you are presently using. We will assess whether any adjustments or temporary discontinuation of medications are necessary before the surgery.

Plan for The Recovery

Ensure you allocate time away from work or school to allow for adequate rest and recovery following the surgery. Depending on the complexity of the procedure and your individual healing process, a few days to a week may be necessary for a full recovery.

Get Ready For Soft Foods

To ensure a smooth recovery after the surgery, it’s advisable to pre-plan and have soft foods readily available. Consider stocking up on ice cream, smoothies and milk.

Recovery and After Care Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Proper recovery and aftercare are vital for optimal healing and to reduce the risk of complications after wisdom tooth extraction. Follow these important guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful recovery:

Rest and Limit Physical Activity

It is important to prioritize rest and limit physical activity in the initial days following surgery. Steer clear of strenuous exercise and heavy lifting, as these activities can potentially lead to increased bleeding and hinder the healing process.

Apply Ice Packs

To alleviate swelling and discomfort, gently place ice packs or cold compresses on the external area of your face where the surgery was performed. Follow a regimen of applying them for 20 minutes, then taking a 20-minute break, during the initial 24  hours post-surgery.

Take The Prescribed Medications

Ensure that you take any prescribed medications, such as pain relievers and antibiotics, exactly as instructed by your dentist or oral surgeon. Adhere to the recommended dosage and frequency to effectively manage pain and minimize the risk of infection.

Control The Bleeding

It is common to experience some bleeding following surgery. However there is nothing to worry, as a collagen sponge is inserted in each surgical site to accelerate the blood clotting process. Bite on the gauze firmly and change them every hour until minimal bleeding is seen

Oral Hygiene

Chlorhexidine mouth rinses are prescribed after surgery to reduce the need for brushing near the surgical site while keeping them clean for better healing outcomes.

Soft Diet

During the initial days after surgery, it is recommended to adhere to a soft diet. Ice cream, smooties and milk are recommended during the first 2 days after surgery.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

During the recovery period, it is advisable to abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol. These habits can hinder the healing process and raise the likelihood of complications.

Keep the Surgical Area Clean

Maintain cleanliness in the surgical area by brushing your teeth gently, taking care to avoid the extraction site. Refrain from using a toothbrush near the surgical area during the first few days. Once the initial healing phase is complete, you may resume gentle brushing in that specific area.

Follow Procedure Instructions

Be sure to follow any specific postoperative instructions given to you by your dentist or oral surgeon. These instructions might include additional guidelines for managing pain, dietary restrictions, and caring for any dissolvable stitches or surgical dressings.

Attend Follow-up Appointments

Please make sure to attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with us. This will allow us to monitor your healing progress and ensure a proper recovery.

Testimonials From Our Patients

  • Avatar Kris Kang ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I stopped smoking recently and decided to get rid of the unsightly tobacco stains on my teeth.
    My search on social media led me to Toothsmith and the positive reviews I saw helped me decide to go with them.
    To be honest, I am not a big
    … More fan of visiting the dentist. Imagine my huge relief when Dr Shaun put me at ease almost immediately. He was calm, patient and thorough during the process. I am 100% satisfied with the results and will continue with Toothsmith for all my dental needs.
  • Avatar Raman Kaushik ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Highly impressed by Dr. consultation. Doctor was very patient, understanding and took time to explain things and possible conditions. I just had some pain near my wisdom tooth and thought I might have to get it extracted, however Doctor … More explained that it is not a wisdom tooth pain and I Dont need a surgery. His explanation just made a lot of sense and it came as a surprise because the other Dentist outlets pushed me to have a surgery when it is not even needed.Appreciate the honesty and transparency by the Doctor. Kudos to you.
  • Avatar JSherman ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Wonderful and extremely pleasant experience with Dr Shaun and his very friendly and professional staff! I had a filling replaced and Dr Shaun was both attentive and meticulous. He even took the trouble and effort to explain the possible … More future repercussion of the replacement filling due to its position. Thank you once again to Dr Shaun and his staff! 🙂
  • Avatar Ah Kun ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    My wife and I have this running joke every since she asked me the following question on my appointment day:-Her: wa why you ironing your shirt? (ie. why dress so nice)Me: coz I'm seeing Dr Shaun today 😊-----------------Her: wa new … More jeans ah?Me: coz going to see Dr Shaun ☺️-----------------All jokes aside. Thanks dr shaun. Very good technical skills. Altho I shifted house but still coming back on regular basis to this outlet.
  • Avatar Mae Nova ★★★★★ a year ago
    Absolutely amazing dentists and service
  • Avatar Larry Tan ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Just had a scaling/cleaning session done yesterday by Dr Shaun and I must say he is hands down one of the best dentist I've met in so many years of dental experience. He was patient, clear and precise in his explanations of what he … More was doing and also his recommendations of what I needed done in future. I was due for another session today but unfortunately something came up and couldn't make the appointment but I will definitely be back here for my next treatment. Thank you for your professionalism Doctor!
  • Avatar Joel Low ★★★★★ a year ago
    Moved houses a year back but have been returning nonetheless for my regular cleaning.
    Friendly staff, professional demeanor, not pushy with their treatments.
    Only issue can be a slight wait time even with appointment (esp if your appointment
    … More is at the end of the day and patients in the day snowball).
    Give it a try! (or not because my wait time will get longer 😂)
  • Avatar Yew Yong ★★★★★ a year ago
    Have been frequenting Toothsmith for the past 3 years and they have been exceptional with service and professionalism. I just had my Wisdom Tooth Extraction done and it was a pretty seamless, painless experience. Thank you and keep up the … More great service!
  • Avatar Seet Matthew ★★★★★ a year ago
    Decided to visit the clinic for scaling and polishing based on the reviews I've seen, and managed to convince my elderly mum who hasn't been to the dentist for years to do the same.
    We were attended to by the same dentist, Dr.
    … More Shaun Ng Rui, who was extremely professional and friendly. Despite knowing that we were on CHAS subsidies, the personnel at the clinic showed zero prejudice towards us. Dr. Shaun was even kind enough to offer my mum some discounts as she was very reluctant to spend money on certain procedures.
    After returning home, my mum experienced severe pain due to the misunderstanding of some instructions, as well as her reluctance to extract a second tooth (which Dr. Shaun had earlier advised her to extract). We returned to the clinic at about 9pm, and again, she was served by Dr. Shaun and the staff with the same courteous and friendly demeanor (even though they were about to close). Dr. Shaun and his assistant then very patiently explained to my mum and me the reasons why she was experiencing pain. Although not obligated to do so, Dr. Shaun, upon sensing my mum's reluctance to extract the infected tooth, made the decision to extract the tooth and prescribe stronger painkillers for free.
    Then, almost an hour after we returned home, the clinic once again called to advise us regarding the use of the medication.
    All in all, it was a superb experience and I have no regrets taking my mum and myself there for dental care. Would highly recommend it to everyone! Thank you Dr. Shaun and team!
  • Avatar Luke Hewitt ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    I will recommend this place for wisdom teeth removal. The doctor is skilful and gentle. Clinic feels clean and modern too.
  • Avatar Md Abdul Halim ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Good time management. Waiting time was brief and treatment was done efficiently.
  • Avatar Danica Kohl ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    The staff are friendly and polite. A happy clinic to visit each time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, wisdom tooth extraction is performed under local anaesthesia, which effectively numbs the area and prevents pain during the procedure. While some discomfort or swelling may occur after the removal, proper post-operative care and prescribed medications can effectively manage most pain.

The duration of the recovery period differs from individual to individual, usually spanning around one week. Throughout this time, it is crucial to adhere to the post-operative instructions given by the dentist. These instructions may involve consuming soft foods, refraining from vigorous rinsing, and maintaining proper oral hygiene practices.

Just like any surgical procedure, wisdom tooth surgery carries potential risks. These may include infection, bleeding, and damages to adjacent tissues. While nerve injury is rare, the impact is severe. As such, we will only advocate wisdom teeth surgery in circumstances where the benefits outweights the risks.

In most instances, it may be feasible to extract all four wisdom teeth in a single procedure. However, the intricacy of each extraction and individual circumstances can influence the suitability to do so. A in person consultation is necessary of us to better advise you on the best course of action.

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